2.12 MiniAEFrame -- Open Scripting Architecture server support

Availability: Macintosh.

The module MiniAEFrame provides a framework for an application that can function as an Open Scripting Architecture  (OSA) server, i.e. receive and process AppleEvents . It can be used in conjunction with FrameWork or standalone. As an example, it is used in PythonCGISlave.

The MiniAEFrame module defines the following classes:

class AEServer()
A class that handles AppleEvent dispatch. Your application should subclass this class together with either MiniApplication or FrameWork.Application. Your __init__() method should call the __init__() method for both classes.

class MiniApplication()
A class that is more or less compatible with FrameWork.Application but with less functionality. Its event loop supports the apple menu, command-dot and AppleEvents; other events are passed on to the Python interpreter and/or Sioux. Useful if your application wants to use AEServer but does not provide its own windows, etc.

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