2.14 aetypes -- AppleEvent objects

Availability: Macintosh.

The aetypes defines classes used to represent Apple Event object specifiers. An object specifier is essentially an address of an object implemented in a Apple Event server. An Apple Event specifier is used as the direct object for an Apple Event or as the argument of an optional parameter. In AppleScript an object specifier is represented by a phrase such as: character 23 of document "Semprini". The classes defined in this module allow this specifier to be represented by a Python object which is initialized as follows: res = Document(1).Character(23)

The AEObjects module defines the following class:

class ObjectSpecifier(want, form, seld, from)
This is the base class for representing object specifiers and is generally not constructed directly by the user. Its important functionality is to define an __aepack__() function, which returns the Apple Event descriptor containing the object specifier. Its data members, set directly from the constructor arguments, are:

A four character string representing the class code of the object. These class codes are specified in Apple Event Suites; for example the standard code for a character object is the 4 bytes "char".

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