2.1 mac -- Implementations for the os module

Availability: Macintosh.

This module implements the operating system dependent functionality provided by the standard module os . It is best accessed through the os module.

The following functions are available in this module: chdir(), close(), dup(), fdopen(), getcwd(), lseek(), listdir(), mkdir(), open(), read(), rename(), rmdir(), stat(), sync(), unlink(), write(), as well as the exception error. Note that the times returned by stat() are floating-point values, like all time values in MacPython.

One additional function is available, but only under Classic MacPython, not under Carbon MacPython:

This function returns the same information as stat(), but with three additional values appended: the size of the resource fork of the file and its 4-character creator and type. Availability: Classic MacPython only.
Deprecated since release 2.3. Use the macfs.FSSpec() function to get an FSSpec object for the file, then use the GetCreatorType() method to get the creator and type information. It will no longer be possible to get the size of the resource fork.

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