3. MacOS Toolbox Modules

There are a set of modules that provide interfaces to various MacOS toolboxes. If applicable the module will define a number of Python objects for the various structures declared by the toolbox, and operations will be implemented as methods of the object. Other operations will be implemented as functions in the module. Not all operations possible in C will also be possible in Python (callbacks are often a problem), and parameters will occasionally be different in Python (input and output buffers, especially). All methods and functions have a __doc__ string describing their arguments and return values, and for additional description you are referred to Inside Macintosh or similar works.

These modules all live in a package called Carbon. Despite the name Carbon they are also available under classic PPC MacPython. The normal use pattern is

from Carbon import AE

Warning! These modules are not yet documented. If you wish to contribute documentation of any of these modules, please get in touch with python-docs@python.org.

Carbon.AE   Interface to the Apple Events toolbox
Carbon.App   Interface to the Appearance Manager
Carbon.CF   Interface to the Core Foundation
Carbon.Cm   Interface to the Component Manager
Carbon.Ctl   Interface to the Control Manager
Carbon.Dlg   Interface to the Dialog Manager
Carbon.Evt   Interface to the Event Manager
Carbon.Fm   Interface to the Font Manager
Carbon.Help   Interface to the Balloon Help Manager
Carbon.List   Interface to the List Manager
Carbon.Menu   Interface to the Menu Manager
Carbon.Mlte   Interface to the MultiLingual Text Editor
Carbon.Qd   Interface to the QuickDraw toolbox
Carbon.Qdoffs   Interface to the QuickDraw Offscreen APIs
Carbon.Qt   Interface to the QuickTime toolbox
Carbon.Res   Interface to the Resource Manager and Handles
Carbon.Scrap   The Scrap Manager provides basic services for implementing cut & paste and clipboard operations.
Carbon.Snd   Interface to the Sound Manager
Carbon.TE   Interface to TextEdit
Carbon.Win   Interface to the Window Manager
ColorPicker   Interface to the standard color selection dialog.

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