2.11.2 Window Objects

Window objects have the following methods, among others:

Override this method to open a window. Store the MacOS window-id in self.wid and call the do_postopen() method to register the window with the parent application.

Override this method to do any special processing on window close. Call the do_postclose() method to cleanup the parent state.

do_postresize(width, height, macoswindowid)
Called after the window is resized. Override if more needs to be done than calling InvalRect.

do_contentclick(local, modifiers, event)
The user clicked in the content part of a window. The arguments are the coordinates (window-relative), the key modifiers and the raw event.

do_update(macoswindowid, event)
An update event for the window was received. Redraw the window.

do_activate(activate, event)
The window was activated (activate == 1) or deactivated (activate == 0). Handle things like focus highlighting, etc.

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